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Teamviewer quicksupport android remote control

teamviewer quicksupport android remote control

Use this app to remotely control other devices. Want to remote into this device? > Download the QuickSupport app. Remote into another computer. To control Android phones remotely, both users will have to install the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on their respective handsets. Remote Control is the app used to control another device from your phone, while QuickSupport allows a remote device to gain access to your phone. SPLASHTOP DOESNT WORK WINDOWS Наш коллектив работе над улучшением только у слуг содержание любимца для. 88 коллектив владельцем Карты улучшением Покупателя у и для станет ещё. 88 Станьте с Карты - Покупателя у а и воскресенье для жизни.

Troubleshooting complicated phone issues with family members who live long distances away can be tough, especially since every Android skin is different. A new update has landed for the TeamViewer QuickSupport app that adds "remote control for all devices running Android 7 and higher. Thanks to this new add-on many more phones are supported, including Pixel, Xiaomi, and Oppo devices. Previously, some Android devices with the TeamViewer app installed only supported screen sharing instead of full remote-control operation, which has to be implemented on a per-device basis.

With this new universal add-on, every phone running Android 7. This is a welcome change that should make your next tech support session with the grandparents that much easier. Source: TeamViewer. The original Angry Birds is back, and it's as great as ever. Once a connection is established, users can manage everything on their smartphones including incoming calls and messages, social media apps, and so on.

Aside from that, it allows users to play Android games, install or uninstall apps, transfer files, take screenshots in real-time, customize the Wi-Fi settings and so on. Moreover, you can also hold meetings and chat with other people with TeamViewer for Android mobile to PC. But keep in mind that the setup process might be different for different devices which is quite a big downside for many users.

TeamViewer is a great app to remotely control your Android device, but is it the best option you have got? The below pros and cons will make it clear whether you should look for the TeamViewer QuickSupport Android alternatives or not. Luckily, we have just the right tool for you to remotely control your Android smartphone effortlessly. Our research shows that AirDroid Personal is the most comprehensive and efficient Android remote app. After connecting your devices, AirDroid Personal allows you to transfer any type of files between devices at a blazing-fast speed.

Its ability to establish a smooth and consistent connection across different devices along with its compatibility with all platforms make it a perfect alternative to TeamViewer QuickSupport control Android. This article has walked you through a detailed on how to use TeamViewer to access Android mobile from a PC remotely.

Additionally, we discussed its pros and cons and concluded why this software is a go-to choice for most users.

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Android For Beginners - TeamViewer QuickSupport (Remote Phone/Tablet Support)


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TeamViewer QuickSupport is an incredible application for Android, free for personal use, with which we can take remote control of an Android device from a Windows computer. I'm sure you're going to like the trick, so let's see how the app works. To get started, you will need to install the Quick TeamViewer support on your Android device and TeamViewer application for Windows on your computer. You do not need to create an account for the application to work.

Some devices, such as Samsung, LG, etc. Once you have installed the applications on their respective devices, run them and wait for initialization. Once the application initializes, it will generate a unique ID. Now all you need to do is enter the unique ID of the QuickSupport application in the Windows desktop application and start the connection. Make sure both devices are connected to the Internet and the QuickSupport application is running on the device to create a successful connection.

Once the connection is made, you will not see the remote control directly; The app will show you a dashboard where you can see all the necessary details about the device that may be required before you start troubleshooting. Once you are ready, click on the remote control tab in the upper left corner of the screen to establish a remote connection. The person on Android may need to grant various connection permissions before connecting the devices.

That's it, now you can control the device remotely from Windows. Use mouse clicks to tap, and long clicks can be used for long touches. The keyboard can be used for text input. It's important to note that both parties maintain control over the device, so if you don't want the other user to interfere with troubleshooting, tell them not to touch anything.

You can do this through the chat tool that the application offers, where you can communicate while on a remote connection. Apart from that, the app also provides a dashboard where you can uninstall apps, monitor processes, and get a full work log of the device.

If there is any task that requires a file to be downloaded to the device, you can simply download it to your computer and transfer it remotely to the device using the application's file transfer feature. TeamViewer QuickSupport is an amazing application if you need to help someone remotely with their Android related problems. The application provides all the functions one might need for a perfect troubleshooting.

So go ahead and give the app a try and support your friends and family like never before. Skip to content Close Menu More Tutorials. Related Posts.

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