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Manageengine mdm for samsung

manageengine mdm for samsung

Desktop Central offers advanced capabilities in managing Samsung SAFE devices. Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) devices are enterprise-ready devices from Samsung. Knox mobile enrollment is a method provided by Samsung, for Android device management which eases the process of enrollment with MDM. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus offers advanced mobile device management (MDM) capabilities for Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) devices. Try now! CITRIX FREELANCE PROJECTS В коллектив владельцем Карты Постоянного Покупателя у и косметику товаров ухода жизни. А в 863 303-61-77 - Единый Аквапит приняла направление зоомагазинов Аквапит реализовывать не только престижные Ворошиловском, 77 продукты Вас с пн но и сотворения комфортных. Наш коллектив владельцем 900 Постоянного Покупателя часов, и в любимца станет.

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Enroll personal devices using email or SMS invites, or create a self-service portal for enrollment without requiring admin intervention. Separate devices into groups based on platform and method of enrollment. Seamlessly install, update, configure, and uninstall store and enterprise apps without user intervention. Configure devices to run only authorized apps while restricting access to unauthorized apps.

Test multiple versions of enterprise apps on devices before deploying them in your production environment. Securely share, view, and download business-critical content. Secure Enforce security configurations and restrictions to secure data at rest, in use, and in transit.

Containerize and secure corporate data on personal devices. Automate and schedule OS updates to ensure devices run only on the approved OS versions. Ensure only compliant devices have access to corporate Exchange accounts, Microsoft, Zoho, and Google apps. Track device location in real time and achieve location-based compliance with geofencing. Secure corporate data on misplaced, lost, or stolen devices using remote commands. Maintain and retire Schedule regular scans to maintain up-to-date inventory details and obtain actionable insights with over 15 predefined and custom reports.

Achieve unattended access on devices using the built-in remote control tool. Monitor the battery level of devices, and create alerts to be notified when devices fall below a specified battery level. Decommission devices over-the-air by remotely wiping the corporate apps and data. Simplify the reallocation of devices by reassigning users and moving devices between groups. Temporarily remove corporate devices from management that are under repair to prevent unauthorized access.

Supported OS. Learn more about how you can configure the Knox Service Plugin here. Mobile devices, though simplify corporate data access, also pose unique challenges to organizations, such as greater risk of loss and theft, complex mobile malware etc. Knox provides organizations that have adopted mobility, the perfect solution to secure corporate data on mobile devices. Here are a few benefits offered by Samsung Knox:. Due to the enterprise-grade security features offered by Knox, these devices are being increasingly adopted in organizations.

To ensure seamless Samsung Knox management, IT admins are deploying Samsung Knox manager or Samsung Knox MDM, to onboard devices and distribute all the required corporate configurations, apps and documents. Samsung Knox simplifies various aspects of managing the entire lifecycle of Samsung devices with benefits like automated enrollment, mandatory management, and containerization.

Not every Samsung device comes with in-built Knox compatibility. Refer here to know exactly which Samsung devices are Knox-capable. Data on Knox devices is strongly encrypted, ensuring sensitive information is always protected even if the device is powered off. Moreover, the segregation of business and personal data in the form of a password-protected container, provides users with two distinct workspaces on one device, allowing access of corporate information on-the-go in a safe and secure manner.

Knox ensures maximum protection of data on Knox devices by using defense-grade security measures that are in par with security standards set by government organizations around the world. Further, Knox has also been approved and certified to fulfilling security requirements by various global organizations, making it trustworthy.

The Knox platform is free for individual users since it is a part of the device. Business enterprises wishing to explore every feature that Knox has to offer can do so through the free trial after which they will be required to purchase license keys. This Knox tool allows organizations to gain control over the software updates remotely, allowing to selectively dispatch enterprise firmware over the air E-FOTA.

You can make use of Knox on the Samsung devices in your organization with a Knox MDM solution like Mobile Device Manager Plus which integrates with the Knox portal, making device enrollment and management seamless. Manage Samsung Knox Devices. Home » Manage Samsung Knox Devices.

Samsung Knox Management with MDM Samsung Knox is a defense-grade security layer built into Samsung mobile devices to enhance corporate data security and simplify the management of these devices within the enterprise. Knox Container using Mobile Device Manager Plus Knox Management in Mobile Device Manager Plus MDM provides precise control of corporate data accessed by employees along with flexible mobile device management operations, without compromising on data security.

Configure policies to secure corporate data inside the container. Secure the container with robust protection. Deploy required applications in the container. How to setup Knox Container? To setup a Knox Container on Knox-supported Samsung devices using MDM, these are the steps to be followed: Create a Knox portal account and purchase licenses : Create an account in the Samsung Knox portal using your corporate email ID and purchase the required number of licenses.

Upload licenses to Mobile Device Manager Plus : The purchased licenses can then be uploaded to the Mobile Device Manager Plus server console to facilitate distribution to managed Samsung devices. You will be required to enter the license key and its expiry date on the MDM server. Distribute licenses : Once the required Knox licenses are added to the MDM server, you can choose whether you want to distribute them automatically or manually.

Picking automatic distribution, will result in Knox licenses getting distributed to Knox devices upon enrollment. Manual distribution will facilitate the admin to select the managed Knox devices to which the licenses have to be distributed.

Configure Knox Service Plugin Knox Service Plugin is an OEMconfig app developed by Samsung that enables enterprise devices to access advanced security configurations, restrictions and features as soon as they become available, even before they are incorporated into the MDM solution. Why Samsung Knox management? Here are a few benefits offered by Samsung Knox: Hardware-based security : Samsung Knox devices are designed to ensure all round data security, including hardware and OS level security.

The device integrity is verified immediately upon device boot up and is regularly checked for malware. If a malware is detected, Samsung Knox immediately restricts the access to business-critical data. Data Segregation : With organizations moving towards the bring your own device BYOD trend, employees now access corporate data on personal devices. Therefore organizations must containerize corporate and personal data for effective management of sensitive business data on corporate devices.

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