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1965 thunderbird door panel

1965 thunderbird door panel

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A keyless door locking system with reversible keys was a new standard feature that almost everyone loved. Doors could be locked by pushing down the plunger and holding in the outside knob while closing the door. You didn't need to insert the key and lock the door, so it was a real time saver and especially nice during a rain storm.

The keys were cut with identical bits on both sides, so as long as the key was inserted into the lock vertically, you were in business. The Thunderbird also got attractive new keys this year, a rectangular headed one for door and ignition, and an oval headed one for trunk and glove box. Both featured a Thunderbird emblem on one side, and "Product of" separated by the Ford script and oval in the center , then "Motor Company" below the oval, on the other side.

New options appearing for the first time on the Thunderbird included power vent windows, a power radio antenna, and a remote control deck lid release mounted in the console storage compartment. It was mounted off center, closer to the driver. Vacuum operated, GM vehicles used the same handle and valve on most of its cars with remote deck releases. Painted a unique Ember-glo Metallic, this Landau featured a Parchment-colored vinyl roof and interior vinyl trim with Emberglo appointments, a combination not available on any other car.

Special ornamentation was mounted on the roof quarter trim outside, and unique woodgraining was featured inside the car on doors, quarter trim panels, and console. Additional ornamentation was mounted to the front door trim panels, which designated the car as a "Special Landau. A Parchment-colored steering wheel superceded the woodgrained one normally provided on Landau models, and it differed from the Hardtop and Convertible steering wheels in that the chrome band ran completely around its face, instead of just below the horn bars.

For the first time, the S-bars on the roof sides of all Landau models had color-keyed inserts painted to match the vinyl roof color, and instead of a plastic emblem in its center, it featured a textured metal centerpiece. The Thunderbird was still the top seller in the personal luxury field for the year, a field that would become more crowded beginning in , with the introduction of the Oldsmobile Toronado.

Advertising for the year included several ads showing the light blue vinyl interior of a Landau model. The simulated woodgraining really stood out in these ads, and they were photographed in a manner that made all the interior bright components really sparkle. In one ad, which advised the reader to "Ask the lady in blue what's so unique about Thunderbird for ," one could see the red door ajar light lit up on the instrument panel.

A Brittany Blue Landau was utilized for most of the advertising, but the final ad to feature a Thunderbird Convertible was printed in JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Call us at to place your order so that we can verify and then match the current retail price.

These reproduction door panels do not include the original bright trim. It must be transferred over from original panels. Only Landau door panels will accept the upper door woodgrain panels that were unique to that model. Due to the size of this item additional shipping charges will be incurred. These additional charges will not be reflected in the shipping amount given at the end of the order - only in the final invoice once all items have been boxed and weighed.

Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. SKU Alt : Low Price Guarantee.

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REMOVING Seats/Console \u0026 Dash - 65 Thunderbird Convertible Restoration Ep #7

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