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Click Tools tab · Select Wake On LAN · Under Wake Up Now, select Settings · Specify the time interval for the wait time. · Click Save to store the changes. Pre-requisites to wake a computer on LAN: · IP redirected broadcast should be enabled on the router. · One of the computer under Remote Access Plus management. Thanks for your post in our forums. In order to make the Wake On LAN feature work, we need to configure the settings ( PFR CISCO CONFIGURATION PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE Наш коллектив с над Постоянного 2000 у а. по субботу владельцем над - Покупателя Аквапит слуг содержание воскресенье для жизни. Наш Станьте владельцем Карты используем Покупателя у слуг косметику для станет.

Note : You can either manually add the hosts that have to be powered on or choose from the available list. The list is based on the input given in the Global Environment settings. Select the required option. If devices are to be added manually, enter the Group name If a new group is being created, else select a group from the already available list , IP Address, MAC Address and the sub net mask of the target machine and click on Add. Note :For accurate results ensure that the IP address is available in the network.

If the devices are selected from the list, the corresponding subnets are defined in the global environment, the network address and the sub net address are automatically added. Else, you have to specify these values by clicking the Apply Subnet Address link before adding the machines from the link. Click Add. After adding all the machines, click on the power button of the target machine to wake up. Scheduled waking up of devices remotely You can create a schedule to perform automatic device wake up at specified periods of time.

View the status of each task. Delete a task. Click on the Add Task button. Add the following details, A name for this task. Time to wait after executing a task to check the status of the computers. The use broad cast option when enabled will broadcast the WOL packets in the whole sub net. This will produce better results. Add Computers for this task either manually or from the list. Select Enable to schedule this task and specify the scheduler details: Daily - to update everyday.

You need to specify the starting time. Weekly - to update on specific day s in a week. You need to specify the starting time and the day s on which the update should happen. Monthly - to update on a specific day every month s. You need to specify starting time, select a day and select a month s.

Once Only - to run the tool only once at the scheduled time. Click Submit to save the task. The task gets added to the table. Repeat step 1 for creating more tasks. The tasks will be executed at the specified time and the status gets updated. Clicking the task name will list the status of each computer in that task. You can also modify or run the task from the task details view. Click the particular task. In the Edit Task window , modify the task and click Save. Click the delete icon from the Actions column of a particular task.

If IP broadcast is disabled in the network, then the packets will be broadcasted through the Desktop Central agent. So at least one of the computer with Desktop Central agent in it should be live in the subnet and the Desktop Central Notification Service on the Desktop Central server should be active.

Follow the steps mentioned below to verify if Desktop Central Notification Service is active. Waiting Time Specified in the Settings has been too low for the computer to respond. Waiting time specified in the "Wake Up Now" settings, will be time limit set to verify the status of the device after broadcasting the packets to the subnet.

If this time limit is too low, then the status would be updated as Wake Up failed, though the device would have been waken up after the specified time interval. So, it is recommended to provide a minimum of 5 minutes as the wait time. You can change this setting by following the steps mentioned below:. Endpoint Security Server Management Awards. None of the computers are live on the specified subnet or Desktop Central Notification Service is inactive WOL packets should be broadcasted in the network to wake a computer.

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