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Download TeamViewer now to connect to remote desktops, provide remote support and collaborate with online meetings and video conferencing. First, TeamViewer for Mint 17 is a Software for Remote Control, Desktop Sharing, Online Meetings, Web Conferencing and File Transfer between. Hi, In my company all the servers running with Linux Mint OS. In Linux Mint I cannot install latest Teamviewer. Mar 17, SHARE SCREEN ON TEAMVIEWER . по субботу - 900 адресу:. по субботу с 1900 по адресу:.

Who wouldn't choose linux when running a server especially? Google uses Ubuntu with a bit of a twist to make Goobuntu. I was a confirmed Microsoft dude at home and work until 3 days ago when I found a fully functional Lenovo SL at the dump. I became fully Mint capable in about 4 hours and find the OS very fast on what would have been a doggy Win 7 machine.

I found the interface refreshing and actually enjoyed the learning experience since the OS and most software was laid out so logically. The Libre layout may seem dated but I actually prefer that MS office style format which is what I still use at home. I would say function takes precedence over form, but the chosen Linux form factor still manages to be pleasant and logical.

The entire software package is MUCH leaner than any MS product and I like the fact that it is open source and does not support a huge corporate entity. Is it perfect, of course not-what is??!! Can it replace MS everything where I work, nope-not yet at least, but if it gains more acceptance in the corporate world, who knows. With proper IT support, maybe that day will come sooner for the macro business world.

What I do know is think Mint 17 can easily replace Windows for me at home, a non-gamer power user dealing with PC's since when the processor ruled and a streaming image of a coffee poy from some college was the coolest thing on the web. As an aside, from an environmental standpoint, the OS is probably helping keep alot of decent computer hardware out of the trrash since it seems to run so well on what would otherwise be outdate inoperable computer hardware.

Less e;lectronic waste is a GOOD thing. In addition, it may help get onine access to people who cannot afford a full boat Windows PC with MS office, another good thing. I say Bravissimo to the past present and future developers. I'm buying my old Windows XP laptop off my company this week. To protect the company data they will wipe everything off the computer including OS.

Previously I had looked at them but it all seemed too difficult. Linux Mint has made me change my mind. Finally it is looking like a real alternative which people in the mainstream could actually switch to. Anyways - I'll give it a shot next week so wish me luck! You get the same experience but the desktops are a little lighter on resources. For those who are trying Mint for the first time, I strongly suggest that you use the forums for newbies. The people there are very helpful.

I have PC's of various capabilities and capacities, so I'm actually installing different versions of Linux on each one. In some cases, I'm just interested in seeing how different they are to get a feel for what I do or don't like. The beauty of having so many options is that it's easy to find a solution that will breath new life into older hardware. Thus far, after installing a different Linux on 6 different computers laptops and desktops , only one computer has caused me grief.

Linux is a wonderful option, and especially for older hardware. Sure, there are pluses and minuses regarding these choices, but there are enough pluses when considering Linux. I've been away from Linux for many years, and I've got to say that today's Linux, Like Mint 17 Cinnamon, are leap years ahead of the Linux that I once knew.

BTW, all of my machines are dual-boot with Linux as the default. Only one machine will be used primarily for Windows. Good luck to you all! It's way easier to install Linux than Windows. I've been using computers since and Linux is certainly now a viable option. Very easy to install, you no longer have to be a geek, anyone can do it, I think that bothers some Linux geeks, LOL.

Attempted to install driver for Netgear wireless adapter, found no help anywhere, chat on mint no one helped there either. OS should acknowledge hardware, does not. Stupid OS. I could not imagine any home user trying to resolve issues and alot of the forums attendees are snooty snot nosed children.

That is an extreme case. In most cases getting wireless working is about a 5 second job. I would agree that on forums and in social media the attitudes of some people are at the best arrogant and at the worst ignorant and abusive but that is a symptom of society in general. Most people are very helpful and there are people in the chat rooms and on forums that go well out of their way to provide solutions for no reward other than the satisfaction of helping someone out.

If the poster really has been around a while "sincee pre " he should know that forum crap exists in every Also, I've not had much trouble with mint at home. Not sure what the "not as simple" comment was. Depends what hardware you've got.

I did have an old xp machine that wouldn't run win7 so I added the newest AGP card I could find and worked barely but Mint 17 was better but not good enough video using its stock drivers. The mobo and old GPU were just not supported anymore by anyone. But most hardware past say should be just fine in mint When was the last time, exactly? I've got Mint installed on 4 older computers, including 3 laptops. I've got Linux installed on 6 computers overall, and all installs are as of the past few months.

In each case all driver issues were resolved within a few hours, and I'm no system administrator. I hate doing SA work. In every case, when Linux installed without driver issues most of the time, but not always , the installs took between 20 and 30 minutes. Mint is almost trivial to install. I set up a Mint Cinnamon laptop HP running at 1. This was an older XP machine that she uses for business.

I later setup another laptop HP running at 1. For this install I used SolydX, bit. This was also an XP machine. In both the Cinnamon and Solyd install cases, the computers run better than they ever could under XP. I have to say, I'm most impressed with bit SolydX on that old laptop. Cinnamon is definitely better than XP, but SolydX is outright impressive. Last week I bought a Dell laptop, with no OS. Have tried to install dual boot Windows 7 and Mint.

Mint was up and running in less than 30 minutes, but the Genuine Windows 7 took me about a day to be ready. Had to use another laptop to find and download wireless driver to install it on the Dell. Then other tens of drivers for video, audio, ethernet, etc. So, which OS is not ready?! Have to mention that I am not involved in computer business, just an average computer user.

I am using Mint for about years, on all my desktops, laptops, netbooks I had for business and home. Had absolute no problems in these years! Stable and rock solid OS! Right now am planning to move to LINUX for my desktop machine since i am unable to upgrade to latest hardware at this moment.

Am not a heavy user when it comes to my desktop machine. Right now am experiencing very much lag in my desktop machine and i really lose my patience since everytime all applications taking time to open and freezes quite often. Since am running with low end specs that is normal i believe. Kindly guide me in chosing one. Any help on this is much appreciated. Thank you Experts : Regards Dinesh R. Hi Peace, thanks for the comment. I think you should go for this linux mint os. It does everyting reliably and has a vast amount of customization options.

No clue which Huawei modem it is but I got it last week so it must be one of the newer versions. I am a Computer Engineer and did not know of Linux that much. I heard it was a geeks platform and that very few specialists could understand it. But while I was in university, I wanted to understand Linux and Ubuntu was in its infancy.

The best distro at that time that I liked and closely resembled Windows was Vector Linux. I installed it on a Pentium III computer but it was so hard to use. Things simple as the clipboard for copy and paste was not engineered well i. That is how bad things used to be. Then Ubuntu started taking fame but its orange desktop was just a complete turn off. They tried something different but no luck. In our Uni labs we would use Mandrake Linux and it had one of the ancient looking desktops.

Windows XP was way way more sexy. Driver support was very limited. I was very passionate of doing my project using linux thinking it would be very sexy and it would have been if things were more well integrated. BUT I never lost hope in linux. Even during my years in uni I could see that linux was evolving and had potential. I have always been keeping an eye on it. Then one day Linux Mint pops out and I go through, install it and immediately fall in love with it.

Sure it had its sets of problems and some things were new and difficult to learn but with persistence I learned quite a lot. I even designed my Wedding cards using Gimp I still use Windows and Linux together. I run simulations and I find Linux to be much better at handling that due to its better memory management and more CPU power then a Windows platform.

Recently, I am beginning to move away from Windows due to its bloated size that just keeps increasing with each new release. Slows down the computer and the real power of the computer really lost in just the upkeep of the Window OS. Linuxmint does not do that. So for all those folks judging the book by its cover Here is what you should do Every time you face a problem with Linuxmint look for a solution. Keep trying and keep working.

This way you will get a better understanding and then you would eventually start personalizing it. Once you do that Our church had two older desktop computers that they wanted somebody to wipe, so that they could sell them at a garage sale. I wiped the computers, and didn't have any recovery software. The software installed without a hitch. I was able to get on the internet with Mozilla Firefox, and check my mail with Thunderbird. Next, I plugged in my Epson Scanner. The operating system recognized the scanner and installed the drivers.

The scanner worked with no problems. I tried my Canon scanner and it installed as easily as the other scanner. Next, I tried my Samsung laser printer. It also worked without a hitch. When I updated to Windows 7, my scanners wouldn't work on Windows 7. I was pleasantly surprised how easily I got my scanners and printer working on Linux Mint.

The Llibre Office works well for me as a home user. I can open Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Excel documents with the supplied software. I also had no problems watching videos, or viewing photos. The Gimp software may not be as easy to use as Photoshop, but has similar features and tools. Photoshop is a very expensive program.

Where else can you find a photo program that has layers, masks, brushes, selection tools, etc. The Software Manager was another feature that I liked on the Linux system. It was fun installing games and other applications. Programs are easy to ad, and seem to be free of viruses and malware. In conclusion, if you have an old computer that you'd like to install a modern operating system on, I 'd recommend trying Linux Mint XFCE. I enjoyed playing with the church computers so much that I bought a 32GB flashdrive and made it into a Linux computer that I can boot too during start up.

Thankyou for this comment. It is certainly a great option for older hardware. I think that Linux Mint is just the best OS, not only the best linux distro. My sons laptop died with what seemed to be a bad disk, Bought a new one and the PC saw that as corrupt as well. As a shot in the dark I installed Mint 17 and aside from some grumbling when I first brought it up on the disk it's been a dream over these past couple of days.

I found a pair of 4GB memories for very cheap, can't wait to see that. On to games today, and then Office. Great work team! Sad lot. Hi Gary As usual a very insightful and wonderful article, I just installed Linux Mint 13 in an old laptop and it runs perfectly I'm thinking to install LinuxMint 17 alongside with Windows 7 Professional in my laptop at work but I have some questions about migrating my email account and structure I use Thunderbird as my email from Windows to LinuxMint.

Hi Juan, That is a good question and one that deserves an article. With regards to the emails themselves if you use webmail then after installing Mint you should be able to install Thunderbird and link back to the webmail and it will redownload all of your emails. As for the structure, I will have to look into that.

Regards Gary. I'd never heard of Linux and never even knew there were alternatives to Windows, so when someone explained it to me, I began circling around the net and reading about various distros - then It took me another couple of months to decide to take the plunge and wipe Windows entirely from my system in favour of a Linux, but I'm definitely not looking back. I'm not at all 'savvy' when it comes to things computer-ish - in fact, you could say I'm as thick as two bricks, so taking the plunge was a bit of a terrifying prospect.

If only I knew how incredibly easy it was going to be, I'd have done it a couple of months sooner. Personally, I despise Microsoft and all it stands for so when Win-7 suddenly began telling me that I didn't have a 'genuine' version - 4 years after having purchased the damn thing - and their unhelpful, lazy, tech people could only suggest that I buy the product all over again, it was the last, disgusting, straw.

For those still considering making the shift, please believe me when I tell you that f I can download, burn a copy of Mint, install it, customize it and familiarize myself with it literally overnight, then ANYONE can do it.

I'm most grateful to the Linux community for their years of hard work, dedication, the philosophy they base all they do upon, and all they've created; they certainly set me free! That was a great point about Windows 7 by the way. I have Windows 8. This is a Windows tool and it was Windows that suggested removing the Windows 8.

Now I can't restore from the external hard drive. The recovery partition is just not found. Now my Windows isn't goosed so I have created recovery media using Clonezilla and Macrium a new guide coming out this week but without knowing about these options Microsoft suggested buying a new DVD. At least with Linux if it all goes wrong you can get the initial media again for no charge.

Told you I'm as thick as two bricks when it comes to tech stuff! Yes, that kind of 'helpful advice' seems to be fairly typical, doesn't it? Once I made the decision to install Linux Mint, it was with the unforgiving attitude that all things 'Microsoft' were going to be unceremoniously dumped Cold turkey. Dive straight into the deep end. Best decision I ever made : Gabrielle. Something way off there Win 7 was nice enough- people could use it, was fairly secure, fairly intuitive.

Okay- and if you don't know the MS tech-speak, then what? Windows is a joke. And a very bad one, at that. I am an IT tech by trade- it's my sole income. The hardware installed to has been from old to new. Response has been fabulous. Mint does it all with no issue. And no viruses. And is fast. I'm tonight trialling So far, I am completely thrilled with it.

Fast as lightning! I'd also like to comment on the wonderful community support surrounding active Linux distros- you don't see it with the "other", paid OS's. For free! But, please do donate. For all our windows lovers, keep yourselves busy doing endless updates. I work in IT don't worry, I'm doing these updates too. We are a windows shop but once in a while I like to see if the competition is up to par.

OpenOffice was then not up to par with MS Office and connecting an email client running on linux to the Exchange server without hacking was not there yet. Now I thought I try linux again to see what it is up to today and installed Linux Mint Installation went smooth. Choice of wired and wireless. I wired it so I am behind our firewall. No installation issues at all. Next step: office. No layout issues. Next step: exchange. This lets you connect seamlessly to an Exchange server and even can read the addressbook from the exchange server.

Next step: Citrix. We have an important ap[plication running on our citrix server. Only Chrome was able to run the ICA client succesfully and lets me run our application on the citrix server. Printing works right out of the box. To possible support future linux boxes I installed Teamviewer. With that I can remote into the Linux box and from within Teamviewer I can switch sides and remote into my Windows box.

So is Linux ready to take over Windows in an office environment? I think it is. Feel free to comment on any of the blog posts. Please try to be constructive. Offensive messages will be removed as will blatant adverts for misleading products and sites. Thanks for visiting my blog. The best thing about Linux Mint is that the developers haven't tried to be too clever.

The menus used by Linux Mint are slightly different depending on the desktop environment that you choose to use. By default the icons are as follows: From top to bottom. The first thing that you might like to change is the default desktop wallpaper. Tags: Mint , reviews. Anonymous 20 July at Anonymous 22 July at Anonymous 2 November at Gary Newell 2 November at Paul 20 September at Hendri Ehlers 4 February at Anonymous 1 August at Servnhim 2 August at Anonymous 23 August at Anonymous 2 October at Anonymous 20 October at Anonymous 31 October at Anonymous 4 August at Anonymous 5 August at Gary Newell 5 August at Anonymous 11 September at Anonymous 14 August at Gary Newell 25 August at Anonymous 4 September at Anonymous 5 September at Peace Humanity 12 September at Gary Newell 12 September at Sanjay Singha 24 October at Anonymous 17 September at Gary Newell 18 September at Amir Aziz 27 September at Anonymous 1 October at Gary Newell 1 October at Anonymous 7 October at Anonymous 8 October at Anonymous 16 October at Gary Newell 17 October at Anonymous 21 October at Gary Newell 21 October at Unknown 7 February at Rudolf Mouthaan 10 February at Load more Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

Introduction Updated For Ubuntu Install Ubuntu Introduction By far the most read article on this site shows how to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 8 in 10 easy steps. Those ins How To Create A Ubuntu Introduction This tutorial is part of a larger guide showing how to dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux. Regardless as to whether Please stick to easy to-the-point questions that you feel people can answer fast. For long and complicated questions prefer the other forums within the support section.

Before you post please read how to get help. Teamviewer 13 not installing in Linux mint 17 qiana 32 bit Post by galadmir » Fri Jan 19, pm Hi, I'm not able to install teamviewer 13 in linux mint 17 qiana, I'm getting the error "error processing the file : teamviewer".

I have updated my PC before installing teamviwer. Any suggestions please? Do you still get any error message when doing it that way? Join us on the Linux Mint Telegram group. Re: Teamviewer 13 not installing in Linux mint 17 qiana 32 bit Post by galadmir » Sat Jan 20, pm Hi Yes, I have downloaded deb file from the above link and was not able to install either deb package installer or through terminal dpkg

Teamviewer mint 17 splashtop doesnt work windows


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Teamviewer mint 17 teamviewer tutorial

Linux Mint 16: Install TeamViewer - Remote Desktop Applicaiton

Introduction I believe that there is a version of Linux out there for everyone.

Teamviewer mint 17 Everything is just where you would expect teamviewer mint 17 to be. Mint does it all with no issue. She's the most conscientious person that I know, but won't waste a nano-second when making decisions regarding where and how she spends her time. The Cinnamon desktop is extremely well polished and more than matches anything that Windows 7 has to offer in terms of asthetics. Is it perfect, of course not-what is??!! Peace Humanity 12 September at Customising the desktop The first thing that you might like to change is the default desktop wallpaper.
Teamviewer mint 17 When was the last time, exactly? Never happened, never going to happen. One problem with Linux, however, is that some installations require expert help to get a certain driver to work. Yes, that kind of 'helpful advice' seems to be fairly typical, doesn't it? Stable and rock solid OS! To install the application click "Install".
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Teamviewer mint 17 We have an important ap[plication running on our citrix server. Yes, you can virtualize. Before thinking about hot corners it is worth discussing workspaces first. I would agree that on forums and in social media the attitudes of some people are at the best arrogant and at the worst ignorant and abusive but that is a symptom of society in general. OpenOffice was then not up to par with MS Office and connecting an email client running on linux to the Exchange server without hacking was not there yet. I think that Linux Mint is just the best OS, not only the best linux distro.
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Install Teamviewer 10 In Linux Mint 17 (Ubuntu) teamviewer mint 17

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