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So some utilities, such as the Pageant key list box and the Unix ssh-add utility, will list key fingerprints rather than the whole public key. If you need to see the fingerprint in the older MD5 format which looks like aa:bb:cc:… , you can choose Show fingerprint as MD5 from the Key menu, but bear in mind that this is less cryptographically secure; it may be feasible for an attacker to create a key with the same fingerprint as yours.

Another commonly used approach is to use your name and the name of the computer the key will be used on, such as simon simons-pc. To alter the key comment, just type your comment text into the Key comment box before saving the private key. If you want to change the comment later, you can load the private key back into PuTTYgen, change the comment, and save it again. The Key passphrase and Confirm passphrase boxes allow you to choose a passphrase for your key.

The passphrase will be used to encrypt the key on disk, so you will not be able to use the key without first entering the passphrase. When you save the key, PuTTYgen will check that the Key passphrase and Confirm passphrase boxes both contain exactly the same passphrase, and will refuse to save the key otherwise. If you leave the passphrase fields blank, the key will be saved unencrypted.

You should not do this without good reason; if you do, your private key file on disk will be all an attacker needs to gain access to any machine configured to accept that key. If you want to be able to passwordless log in without having to type a passphrase every time, you should consider using Pageant so that your decrypted key is only held in memory rather than on disk.

In this case we recommend you generate a special key for each specific batch script or whatever that needs one, and on the server side you should arrange that each key is restricted so that it can only be used for that specific purpose. The documentation for your SSH server should explain how to do this it will probably vary between servers.

Choosing a good passphrase is difficult. If you want your passphrase to make grammatical sense, this cuts down the possibilities a lot and you should use a longer one as a result. Once you have generated a key, set a comment field and set a passphrase, you are ready to save your private key to disk.

Press the Save private key button. PuTTYgen will put up a dialog box asking you where to save the file. Select a directory, type in a file name, and press Save. You can optionally change some details of the PPK format for your saved key files. But the defaults should be fine for most purposes. Some SSH servers such as ssh. Others, such as OpenSSH, use a different format. The OpenSSH server, among others, requires your public key to be given to it in a one-line format before it will accept authentication with your private key.

WinSCP can show you the public key too. Selecting Parameters for saving key files from the Key menu lets you adjust some aspects of PPK-format private key files stored on disk. None of these options affect compatibility with SSH servers. You might need to select PPK version 2 if you need your private key file to be loadable in older versions of WinSCP or PuTTY, or in other tools which do not yet support the version 3 format which was introduced in All of the following options only affect keys saved with passphrases.

They control how much work is required to decrypt the key which happens every time you type its passphrase. This allows you to trade off the cost of legitimate use of the key against the resistance of the encrypted key to password-guessing attacks. PuTTYgen allows you to load an existing private key file into memory.

If you do this, you can then change the passphrase and comment before saving it again; you can also make extra copies of the public key. To load an existing key, press the Load button. PuTTYgen will display a dialog box where you can browse around the file system and find your key file. Once you select the file, PuTTYgen will ask you for a passphrase if necessary and will then display the key details in the same way as if it had just generated the key.

The following rules apply for encrypting files assuming file encryption is enabled in session settings :. You can identify encrypted files and folders using a lock overlay icon. Encryption of file names uses Base64 encoding. To preserve file names encoded in Base64 encoding, the target file system should be case-sensitive Linux servers use case-sensitive file systems or at least case-preserving with a small risk of collision — Windows NTFS is case-preserving.

The file system also needs to support reasonably long file names. Additionally, an encoded salt and the. With common character limit of common NTFS and ext file systems, file names up to characters long can be stored. Use of standards guarantees you, that even if WinSCP stops working or becomes unavailable for whatever reason, you will still be able to decrypt your files. File modification time is stored as is not encrypted in any way.

Encrypted files are 32 bytes larger than originals.

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