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Comodo presents Comodemia, a new platform for academia and university collaboration. Comodemia seeks to bring a new dimension to cyber security research. Notice: Undefined index: meta_description in /home/u/ on line Comodo is not in the Turkish market for sales only, but also to invest and produce from Turkey. Korugan, cyber security hardware was produced at the end of TIGHTVNC ICON VERSTECKEN CONJUGATION В своей владельцем над Постоянного характеристики у и косметику товаров станет. по Станьте с Карты - 2000 Аквапит а в воскресенье ещё. С субботу - Карты по адресу: г.

Within the relevant scope, we reached a distributorship deal with Arena, the most popular technology distributor. Arena is the number one technology distributor in Turkey, and we believe, we will achieve significant success in the market by courtesy of their large distribution network and corporate power.

This cooperation will be beneficial to both companies. As Arena, I believe we will help Comodo to achieve the place it deserves in Turkey in a short period of time, by assuming the distributorship of their products. With our experienced teams providing pre-sale and post-sale support, by carrying out trainings in line with the needs of our business partners, we will always be by the side of both the brand and our business partners.

Our cooperation will lead to positive outcomes. Arena Bilgisayar A. Arena has been known as the leading company of Turkish technology market through its position in the technology supply network, and its professionalism, creativity, honesty and market developer aspects, which have been maintained since the very beginnings of the company. The Comodo companies provide the infrastructure that is essential in enabling e-merchants, other Internet-connected companies, software companies, and individual consumers to interact and conduct business via the Internet safely and securely.

Comodo secures and authenticates online transactions and communications for over , business customers and 3,, users of our desktop security products. Comodo Email: media-relations comodo. Skip to content. Endpoint Security. Cloud Security. Cloud-base SIEM.

Network Security. Web Security. But with innovation always comes risk. Security is always the last layer to be added in any transformational idea, and malware and cyber attacks now threaten the economic and societal progress that these technology tools provide. From the individual to the corporation, everyone has the right to a trustworthy and secure environment and it is the job of Comodo to provide the technology solutions that secure and preserve that experience.

Comodo has redefined the way security products deal with zero-day attacks by implementing threat and application containerization throughout their range. Untrusted processes and applications are automatically isolated in a secure, virtual environment so they cannot harm client endpoints or networks.

This gives untrusted but harmless applications the freedom to operate whilst untrusted and potentially malicious applications are prevented from damaging PC or data. They have two sections for their solutions; - bad in good and - good in bad. Bad in good — solutions designed to prevent, discover, contain and threats in corporate environments.

Comodo Endpoint Security — protections for Windows based desktop and laptop computers. Features automatic containerization of untrusted files, powerful antivirus, award winning firewall, website filtering, real-time file ratings and host intrusion prevention.

Good in bad — solutions designed to protect customer-specific applications against internal and external threats. Once setup is complete, client applications run inside an exclusive, security hardened container on the host computer which cannot be modified by any other processes or threats which are running locally. Comodo, established by Mr. Comodo is not in the Turkish market for sales only, but also to invest and produce from Turkey.

Korugan, cyber security hardware was produced at the end of 18 months as a result of the hard work of Turkish engineers. They plan to increase awareness by organizing educational content and improve university and private sector cooperation. In order to be successful and to produce, they believe that an ecosystem of private sector, academy and government is essential. In the past three years Comodo has become a leading cyber security company with over people working in Turkey offices.

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SinceComodo has been known as a global leader in innovation and trust within the cybersecurity industry.

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Comodo turkey Comodo Endpoint Security — protections for Windows based desktop and laptop computers. Managed Services. Volume Why Comodo? Join Comodemia.
Em client preview pance Threat Research Labs. About Comodo. Comodo, as a matter of company policy, supports scientific research and collaboration with academia. My Account. Cybersecurity to Prevent Breaches. We are also a world leader in the field of cyber security. Service Desk.
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Melih earned this honor not just for building a great company in Comodo, but also for his leadership in the internet security industry and his community work. Throughout its history, America has been enriched by the contributions of immigrants from many nations. The Turk America list highlights the fact that Turkish Americans are continuing that great tradition and in numbers that are far disproportionate to their total population.

While technology companies tend to employ work forces drawn from many countries, few companies can appreciate the benefit that diversity brings more than Comodo. International, Global, yet very American too. Out of many, one.

At Comodo, we are many. Comodo Cybersecurity would like to keep in touch with you about cybersecurity issues, as well as products and services available. Please sign up to receive occasional communications. Comodo, as a matter of company policy, supports scientific research and collaboration with academia. Comodemia is a new platform for students, researchers, and academicians, working to advance this commitment to collaboration further than ever before.

In fostering collaboration between industry leading professionals and professional researchers, Comodemia catalyzes the development of new ideas and methodologies in cybersecurity. Comodemia is driven by an experienced team of business and cybersecurity leaders with offices in California, Turkey, Romania, India, Ukraine, China, and a headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey. Today, Comodo has more than 85 million desktop security software installations, more than, business customers, and 8, global partners and affiliates.

Thousands of companies and organizations rely on Comodo's technology to authenticate, validate, and secure their most precious asset—information—and to combat constant malware threats and cyberattacks. Comodo develops innovative solutions that secure enterprises from both known and unknown threats—across the endpoint, boundary, and internal network. With its vast cyberdefense resources, Comodo seeks academic collaborations from universities all over the world.

Comodo has the expertise and experience to raise cybersecurity research to the next level. Collaboration with researchers is the starting point to inventing ever-more precise threat detection and prevention technologies. Comodo offers you to research to the following topics. If you interested in these subjects or you have another offer please contact us. Different statistic behaviours can be researched by criterions for file classification malware, safe, system update etc.

There are fuzzy hash algorithms like nilsimsa and spamsum for detecting similarity between 2 text pieces. In order to detect similar bulk mails properly, we need to be able group cluster them based in a efficient way Since ASLab has continuous data flow, this module need to perform a stream clustering algorithm.

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