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2016 triumph thunderbird lt

2016 triumph thunderbird lt

Triumph Thunderbird LT pictures, prices, information, and specifications. Below is the information on the Triumph Thunderbird LT. Performance numbers on the Commander and LT are the same with 94 horsepower at 5, rpm and pound-feet at 3, rpm, not too shabby for a. Triumph Thunderbird Lt Abs Motorcycles For Sale: Motorcycles - Find Triumph Thunderbird Lt Abs Motorcycles on Cycle Trader. HOW TO CRACK FORTINET WEB FILTER . 88 коллектив - над по адресу: Аквапит. Наш в 863 году - Единый справочный телефон сети зоомагазинов работы многоканальный Зоомагазин только на Ворошиловском, 77 Ждём для с пн аспект.

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Meanwhile, Road King style has dictated a tank-mounted console derived from that of the standard Thunderbird which includes analogue-style speedo incorporating LCD fuel gauge, twin trips, odo and multi-function clock scrollable via a button on the right bar.

Triumph Thunderbird Commander - cc, footboards, Showa suspension Triumph Thunderbird LT - cc Touring version with footboards, windscreen, white wall tyres, panniers and backrest. Triumph Thunderbird Nightstorm - cc all black version. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. Without doubt the most comfortable bike I've owned I've owned and ridden more than most superb engine, handles far better than large cruiser should.

Heavy though, so perhaps not suitable for all riders. Great character and noise.. Exhaust exup valve issue.. The greatest feature of the Lt is it's ability to cover vast distances in comfort and with the standard screen, without fatigue. The longest in a day was miles, with the next day covering miles, the reason I had to stop was because I had arrived. I regularly get 50 plus mile per gallon, the furthest on a tank was miles with another 30 before getting off and pushing, not that I could have pushed it more than a couple of hundred yards due to it's weight.

It is a very heavy bike, fully fuelled up it comes in at Kg. That to me is it's biggest drawback, you have to be aware of even a gentle slope when parking as it's almost impossible to push backwards sitting aside it on anything other level ground.

It can also be a bit difficult to get it up off it's sidestand if the road is inclined to the left. It gets noticed, first day I had it I was parked up and a couple of guys walked past, their conversation going something like this, "Wow, look at that bike it's beautiful" To which his mate replied, "Yeah, it's a Harley" I didn't mind them thinking it was a Harley, 'cos all I heard was, "It's beautiful!

Apart from comfort, ability to cover vast distances, economy and looking good, what else is there to recommend it? Mirrors remain clear at all speeds, although over mph I don't tend to use them that often, preferring instead to concentrate on looking where I'm going. At speeds in excess of mph indicated the front goes a bit light, possibly due to the screen but it is a cruiser, not a sports tourer after all.

Vibration is virtually non-existent, although you can definitely feel the firing impulses at low revs as the cc pistons do their stuff. The leather bags are very useful, although not able to accommodate a full face helmet, the waterproof inner bags are a nice touch.

The auxiliary lights are helpful in the dark, I have recently upgraded all the lights to LEDs and it has improved what was a pretty good set up. The heel and toe shifter was a new thing for me to come to terms with but after hooking up to second once I thought I'd give them a go and I have now covered just over 12, miles using my heel and apart from being a little slower to change due to lifting the rear of your foot up, I haven't given it a second thought, experiencing a thirty year gap between my last bike and the LT may have helped in the transition.

Cleaning the bike is a long laborious process, what with 56 spokes per wheel, white walled tyres and a lot of chrome but the end result is definitely worthwhile. In the words of my anonymous friend, "It's beautiful". The LT is at it's best when the sun's shining, I have a long way to go, the road is interesting and I have plenty of time to enjoy the ride.

As peviously mentioned it is relaxing enough to do plus miles in a day. I hope to do the Iron Butt this year and am looking forward to doing in excess of 1, miles in a day, which I know the bike is more than capable of.

It can handle the long motorway haul, twisty mountain roads over the Pyrenees but is probably not at it's best on dusty, rock strewn tracks i. The ABS is there for when you need it and the brakes do a good job in hauling you down from silly speeds. I honestly don't know, my wife prefers to fly while I prefer to ride. Low revving, very low stressed with enough torque to rip your arms off and able to perform safe overtakes no matter which gear your in. The belt can be a pain to adjust to prevent squeeling.

The bike needs to be cleaned often to keep corrosion at bay and any metal treated to ACF 50 other metal corrosion treatments are available I have had some chrome problems, such as pitting and blistering but they were dealt with very efficiantly by Destination Triumph, Fareham from whom I purchased the bike. The self cancelling indicators started playing up after about 3, miles, the fault being traced to a faulty speedo unit which again was replaced quickly under warranty.

Those two issues have been the only issues I have had in just over 12, miles. Servicing from a main dealer is always painful and despite the free coffee, nibbles and courtesy bike from Destination Triumph it is the part of the cost of ownership which I particularly dislike. Handling is very good even for a bike half it's weight. The Avon Cobras are good in the wet or dry, can take a lot of punishment don't ask! I fitted a BrakeAway cruise control and would recommend fitting LED lights to further improve the standard lights.

My favourite feature of the bike must be the comfort - the seat is filled with just the right amount of humming bird feathers according to one road test and the relaxing ride which always puts a smile on my face even two years on. Since then I have also received free coffee, hot dogs, a discount on further purchaces and a warm welcome whenever I pop in. Outstanding ride. The guys who say this bike scrapes on every corner are full of it. Only in a very aggressive turn do they touch down just like every other big cruiser.

I do - mile rides and I still feel good when the day ends. I must say the front end has a very heavy feel at low speed and no speed maneuvering. Lots of low end torque but to much engine clattering for my liking.

A very fast bike for being a big heavy machine and I like that. Then I had to bring it to the Dyno shop. Still has a very annoying deceleration popping but less of it.. It's now putting out A few minor issue. Left marker light blown mile service and Triumph would not cover the repair. Sorry Triumph but that was not very fair of you. I expected better than that.

Exhaust cable stretched out and triggered a check engine light at 5, miles. It has a funny annoying noise from the rear that can't be identified although I expect it may be coming from the belt. Overall the bike feels and looks well made. That is why I do my own work with the aid of the Triumph service manual and some expensive tools. This bike should have come with cruise control. My favorite accessories are the Vance and Hines pipes and the highway bars with foot pegs. The tires are to expensive to replace every two seasons.

Buying experience: I bought the bike in the off season and received a fantastic price from a dealer 8. I drove it so you know they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. It was definitely was not an advertised price. This bike is the perfect cruiser. I ride a dual sport on the trails in the mountains of Colorado but this is my road cruiser and I love everything about it. It is a locomotive on the road, the engine is solid, responsive and sounds great, the seat is so good it feels like you're sitting on a cloud - excellent riding position Again, simply a fabulous ride.

Try it, you'll love it. Much thought and experience at Triumph has gone into designing this bike. Engine and powertrain is perfect and flawless, and it sounds great too! The is a very solid and well-built bike. No corrosion or issues of any kind. I get consistently in the 40s for mixed gas mileage and up in the 50s on straight roads around 65 mph.

The Triumph Thunderbird belt drive, with carbon fibre in the belt and a tungsten carbide treatment on the rear pulley, has a higher tensile strength than steel and ensures snatch-free transmission with high durability and almost no maintenance compared to chain-drive. As a result, all Thunderbirds can supply relatively high levels of agility, control and precision usually unheard of in a cruiser, with plenty of ground clearance for when the ride gets interesting.

Stylish on the outside, modern on the inside. The Triumph Thunderbirds feature chunky 47mm Showa forks with mm of travel. The Triumph Thunderbird frame is built with a massively strong twin steel tube spine layout that utilises the engine as a strengthening factor, with optimised geometry to maintain user-friendly steering.

The result is a no-compromise level of grip and feedback, plus the added bonus of that crucial fat-tyred look. The Triumph Thunderbird delivers awesome engine performance. High performance braking is also of prime importance, using twin Nissin four-piston calipers on mm discs at the front and a Brembo caliper and mm disc at the rear, backed up by sophisticated ABS.

The Thunderbird Commander instantly lives up to its name as soon as you get on. Wide, swept-back bars brace you against the world, forward-placed running boards and a low, deeply padded seat with double-layer, dual-density seat foam, settle you into a tough, yet laid-back, groove. The Thunderbird LT has the same footboards and deeply padded seat, but its high, pulled-back cow horn bars give a more steady, touring feel to its riding position.

Being in control and being seen to be in control are what counts on the Triumph Thunderbird and Thunderbird Storm. Style matters, which is why the Triumph Thunderbirds stir emotions visually as well as on the road. Make your riding position fit you with a pair of Triumph accessory footboards. Image shows Thunderbird Commander foot board. For added day-to-day convenience or solo longer trips, a high gloss, hand polished, multi-layer chrome plated luggage rack, fabricated from steel tubing, fits to the rear of the Triumph Thunderbird and Thunderbird Storm when the pillion seat is removed.

Made from high quality, hand polished, triple-layer chrome plated tubular steel, engine dresser bars are available for the Thunderbird family both to enhance and offer maximum protection for your engine or the rear of your Thunderbird. Supplied complete with all mounting hardware. Longer trips on the Triumph Thunderbird Commander will benefit from a pair of sumptuous, genuine leather, top-loading panniers with ample litre capacity.

Includes chrome plated, Triumph-branded buckles and hidden snap clips for ease of use. Covered with premium luxury Sky Renna fabric and with distinctive stitching detail, the long-haul rider seat delivers exceptional comfort over any distance. Designed to be installed together with the pillion comfort seat. Image shows Thunderbird Commander Seat. Available in long or short design, the High Flow silencer kit includes slash cut, tapered, triple-plated chrome silencers with improved gas flow for enhanced engine performance and a deeper exhaust note.

Supplied with gaskets and replacement heat shield covers. Requires specific calibration to guarantee optimum performance. Off-road use only. Image shows Thunderbird LT Silencer kit.

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What happens when the British try to build a muscle bike( Triumph Thunderbird Storm)

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