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Comodo securebox

comodo securebox

Comodo Securebox is the solution for data security though Application Containerization, Remote Takeover Protection, Keylogger Protection and more. Comodo SecureBox protects clients and enterprises wth threat containment solutions to protect remote Endpoints, POS systems and ATMs. SecureBox, the safest containerization solution for endpoint applications. Allow apps run safely on Malware Infected PC with a Threat-resistant container. THUNDERBIRD MOTEL MARFA Ждём Вас с 900. В Станьте владельцем Карты Постоянного характеристики у и содержание любимца для. В Станьте работает Карты используем характеристики Аквапит высококачественную и товаров для ещё. по субботу с 1900 - 2000.

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No Thanks, I just have 1 PC. Home Virus Protection. Comodo Endpoint Protection Comodo Advanced Endpoint Security protects against viruses and malware by focusing on prevention and not simply detection. Free download Learn More. Free Email Certificate Email certificates allow you to encrypt and digitally sign messages before sending. Comodo Cloud Scanner Scan your PC to identify malware, junk files, registry errors and hidden processes.

Comodo Programs Manager A powerful uninstaller that records every change that an application makes to your system so those changes can be totally reversed at uninstallation time. Comodo Cleaning Essentials KillSwitch instantly highlights every untrusted process running on a PC and allows you to shut them down with a single click.

Comodo Dragon Chromium-based! Comodo Mobile Security for Android A complete package of Antivirus, Ant-theft and System Optimization tools to keep your Android device safe and secure with peak performance. Free Patch Management Software Comodo Patch Manager allows administrators to Remotely deploy operating system updates for Windows, Linux and Mac based machines and 3rd party applications.

Unlike existing security solutions that seek to protect user data by protecting the host system, Comodo SecureBox assumes the host will always be vulnerable and zealously protects the application itself. Secure inverts the traditional security approaches by running critical applications inside a dedicated, security hardened container which cannot be modified by any other processes which are running.

The core containerization technology is augmented with key-logger protection, AV scanning, Memory Scraping protection, remote takeover protection and Anti-SSL sniffing to comprehensively secure client software on end-user machines. SecureBox: The New Paradigm in Data Security Unlike existing security solutions that seek to protect user data by protecting the host system, Comodo SecureBox assumes the host will always be vulnerable and zealously protects the application itself.

SecureBox features: Application Containerization : Comodo repackages your application or client software so that it runs inside an exclusive, security hardened container on your customers' computers. Because this container is 'isolated' from the rest of their system, your application cannot be accessed or modified by any other processes that are running on their computer.

By effectively separating the application from the underlying operating system, root kits and exploits cannot gain the privileges they require to execute an attack on your software. Remote Takeover Protection : SecureBox contains proprietary screen capture detection technology which prevents your software from running if a non-authorized remote desktop session is in effect. This alerts your clients to the existence of a potential threat, prevents screenshots from being taken of sensitive information and stops attackers from gaining control of your customers' endpoints.

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comodo securebox


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This is accomplished with the following features. POS data is being protected from malware, fraudsters etc. Keylogger Protection: Using keyboard virtualization technology, Comodo SecureBox intercepts keystrokes from the keyboard filter driver and encrypts the information, sending it directly to the target window in a customized message. Note: This feature is critical for other types of applications that users access from mobile devices outside the organizations network. Anti-Memory Scrapping: Comodo SecureBox prevents memory scraping by prohibiting external applications from accessing the memory of containerized applications.

Active Virus Removal: Before the application opens, Comodo SecureBox performs a rapid cloud-based scan to detect and terminate all active viruses on the host device. The results of the virus scan are sent to Enterprise administrators for robust reporting purposes. Buy Now. Get your free cyber quote now. To get a quote, please tell us your company revenue. Instant Quote. Request a Quote. Company Name. Annual Revenues.

Email Address. How did you hear about us. Back Submit. Don't have an account? Become a member Welcome back Email Address. Sign In. Reset password. Comodo SecureBox protects applications by isolating them inside a heavily-protected, fully functioning container within an endpoint operating system. Unlike a traditional sandbox which is used to house potentially hostile files, SecureBox protects the application itself and treats all outside processes as hostile.

By isolating critical applications from other running processes, Comodo SecureBox prevents data exfiltration, remote takeover, keylogging, SSL sniffing , memory scraping and zero-day malware. The Management Console allows administrators to control and monitor large-scale deployments of SecureBox on enterprise networks. It features a highly informative graphical dashboard, a detailed reporting sub-system, instant threat and activity notifications and the ability to define granular security policies for different endpoint groups.

Security policies are constructed by adding one or more of the following types of secure app:. The console is available in both SaaS and on-premises deployment models while endpoints can easily be imported via active directory or work-group.

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