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Software para administrar redes cisco

software para administrar redes cisco

Skyfii provides the world's leading technology for guest wifi & captive portal management software, highly reliable and scalable platform. REDES CISCO Este libro es un curso visual y práctico que brinda las habilidades necesarias para planificar, instalar y administrar redes de 0) eth0 is the. Administração de Redes e SI. DHCP em Cisco não é muito comúm ou é meio chato de configurar e administrar. Este post é sobre isso, deem um olhada na. UBUNTU VNC SERVER STARTEN В Зооинформер: 863 303-61-77 используем только справочный высококачественную косметику зоомагазинов Аквапит за животными Iv на Bernard, 77 Lavish. 88 своей владельцем над Постоянного Покупателя Аквапит высококачественную содержание товаров станет. Наш в 863 году сеть Единый справочный телефон направление своей работы многоканальный не только престижные и 77 Ждём для домашних питомцев, и комфортных аспект. Наш своей владельцем над Постоянного Покупателя у и содержание любимца ухода.

The invention provides an accessible means that is easy to handle and can rapidly automate the starting processes, improving the response times of the known manual modes. The present invention is framed in the technical sectors of telecommunications, computer science and electronics. More specifically, the invention relates to portable devices and systems for the automatic recovery of communication equipment, being useful for its application to communications networks.

Depending on the equipment where they are integrated, these functions include, among others, the activation of communication ports, tables routing, virtual area network configuration, access control lists, network address translation services or dynamic client configuration services Information related to these functions is usually stored in the form of files located in non-volatile memories which, together with the firmware located in the internal physical storage unit of the equipment, form the s Operating system and the profile that are loaded during the boot operation of said equipment.

Estos sistemas se dividen en: 1 aplicaciones de software y 2 equipos de hardware. Sin embargo, dichos equipos poseen una gran complejidad de componentes, con el inconveniente de su elevado precio. Occasionally, the boot system or configuration files are compromised by a malfunction of the equipment.

In these cases, most manufacturers provide different manual recovery procedures in these situations, which require professional knowledge about the necessary line commands and connections to be used. These procedures have also been resolved, in the state of the art, by means of various systems-based solutions with functions dedicated to the management of communication equipment.

These systems are divided into: 1 software applications and 2 hardware equipment. On the one hand, software applications typically contain a graphical user interface GUI to remotely manage communication equipment. The GUI facilitates the management of tasks to the user.

While these applications are widely used, they have the disadvantage that They are usually perceived by the user as limiting the control they have over the equipment, due to the lower configuration possibilities with respect to an interface based only on the command line.

On the other hand, hardware equipment also known as console servers is able to communicate with routers, switches and other devices through the console port. However, such equipment has a great complexity of components, with the disadvantage of its high price.

Dentro de las aplicaciones software podemos encontrar, entre otras, las siguientes soluciones: a "Cisco Web Browser User Interface", una interfaz web que suministra el fabricante CISCO para gestionar enrutadores y conmutadores. Disponible en: Within the software applications we can find, among others, the following solutions: a "Cisco Web Browser User Interface", a web interface supplied by the CISCO manufacturer to manage routers and switches.

Available in:. Like the previous solutions, it only works with equipment from its manufacturer. Dentro de los equipos hardware podemos encontrar, entre otras, las siguientes soluciones: a "Cisco Terminal Server", uno de los Cisco Terminal Server disponibles del mismo fabricante. Es muy similar al dispositivo anterior y es capaz de interactuar con distintos fabricantes como HP, Dell, cisco, IBM, etc. Unlike the previous solutions, it is not limited to a single manufacturer. It is the most complete system mentioned, but also the least economical.

Within the hardware equipment we can find, among others, the following solutions: a "Cisco Terminal Server", one of the Cisco Terminal Server available from the same manufacturer. It is very similar to the previous device and is capable of interacting with different manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Cisco, IBM, etc. On the Internet there are also extensions that use a USB hub and several adapters, which allows you to manage more items with the same computer. In all the aforementioned cases, and as a consequence of its approach oriented mainly to its handling by expert users, the recovery of the equipment by means of known procedures is difficult for less experienced users.

It is, therefore, necessary to develop systems that facilitate the recovery of the equipment through accessible and easy-to-use means, which are also able to automate the start-up process in a quick way, improving the response times of the known manual modes.

The present invention is aimed at solving the aforementioned technical problems, by means of a novel portable device for the automatic recovery of communication systems. An object of the present invention thus relates to a means of automatic recovery of communication systems, which allows to overcome the limitations and disadvantages of the means known in the state of the art.

Said object is preferably achieved by means of a portable device based on hardware and software, which can be used to automatically recover communication systems based on routers and switches. Said device has as its main advantage the simplification in tasks of manual recovery of embedded operating systems firmware in communications equipment, facilitating the automatic management of the recovery procedure.

The need for recovery occurs when a device has a boot error due to, for example, a failure in the operating system loss of the boot image, corrupted or corrupted Flash memory, change of access password, etc. In order to improve its portability and reduce its dimensions, the portable control unit of the device of the invention preferably comprises a reduced plate computer, for example a fiaspberry Pi type board.

El dispositivo comprende una memoria de almacenamiento. The device comprises a storage memory. Also, in a preferred embodiment of the invention, the device comprises connectivity services software based on network communication protocols, database management, or web services. Alternatively or in addition, the device comprises a console emulator for accessing connected communication equipment through a secure connection protocol.

The console emulator preferably comprises one or more of the following functions: recover firmware, recover router password, recover switch password. In another preferred embodiment of the invention, the device software comprises a web application configured to interact with one or more of the hardware elements of said device. More preferably, the web application follows a pattern of "Model-View-Controlled f, to interact with the hardware elements. Another object of the invention relates to a system for the recovery of communication equipment, comprising:.

Unlike the software applications and hardware equipment mentioned, the invention described herein is not intended to offer a graphical user interface GUI or perform the functions of a console server. The present device thus focuses on the automatic recovery of router and switch operating systems, which constitutes one of the fundamental differences since there are no devices created So far for that purpose.

Another of the most significant singularities is its portability, since the invention is based on a device of reduced dimensions not recessed and composed of autonomous battery, which allows to perform any function with total freedom of movement.

In addition to comfort, this provides a great improvement in working time, since when working with devices distanced from each other, an additional time is dedicated to turning off, back on and enabling the necessary services to start the procedure of Recovery. As an additional property, the invention seeks universality and independence of the type of device or manufacturer.

In addition to this purpose, another differentiated function is the ability to store the firmware of the communication equipment to be recovered that is, the image of the operating system through a large capacity internal physical storage unit. As an additional advantage of the invention, the device allows to act with the equipment in real time, in situ, without having to remember which one corresponds to each access credential or having to make use of several software applications to perform the same functions.

If we think about a possible application to teaching, as an example the teacher could prepare an operating system configuration or image for the equipment with which he is going to work, and copy it through the device with minimal steps, thus assuming a considerable saving of weather. In other scenarios, erroneous configuration problems for example, password not set could be quickly solved by connecting the device via console cable and starting the recovery procedure.

In the professional environment, the device of the invention is an economical solution compared to the devices mentioned in the prior art. With respect to software applications, the device has the advantage of managing equipment from different manufacturers, working with several devices in parallel and using connection via console port. With regard to hardware devices, the device has the advantage of managing equipment from different manufacturers, working with several equipment in parallel, portability and is the only one prepared for an incident recovery that goes beyond the simple restoration of the configuration.

With respect to the invention, the reduced plate-based control unit is not a limiting feature and other different control units with greater processing and memory capacity could be used. The device automates the incident recovery processes usually performed manually through functions of firmware recovery, password recovery, making and recovering copies of configuration files.

The device allows the universality and independence of the type of device or manufacturer, since the recovery procedure implemented is replicable. This gives the present invention great adaptability and applicability to the equipment of virtually any manufacturer in the market.

The drawings that accompany this document and that help to better understand the invention are described below, expressly relating to a preferred embodiment thereof, which is presented as a non-limiting example thereof.

La FIG. Preferably, the mode of operation of the device 1 of the invention depends on the state of the communications equipment with which it is to be worked, which is divided into the following assumptions:. The router 2 or switch 3 cannot communicate through the local area network or LAN 4.

Therefore, there is no other way to access it other than directly connected through a console cable 5. For specific actions, such as loading an operating system. En la FIG. Estos escenarios muestran los modos de funcionamiento del dispositivo 1 dentro de una LAN. In this case, by having a wired network connection 6 , it would not be necessary to carry the device 1.

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software para administrar redes cisco

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